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The SRI LANKA MEDICAL COUNCIL is a statutory body established for the purpose of protecting health care seekers by ensuring the maintenance of academic and professional standards, discipline and ethical practice by health professionals who are registered with it.
As presently constituted the Council has representation from medical faculties of the state universities as well as from professionals in the state and private sector.
It is a body corporate having perpetual succession and a common seal.


Weekend course on surgery clinicals will be conducted by the College of Surgeonsfor ERPM Candidates PAEDIATRIC CLINICAL TRAINING for ERPM Examination Candidates will be conducted by the College of Paediatricians in June/July 2015 The results of the ERPM Parts B and C held in February/March 2015 are published ERPM candidates are informed that the format of the ERPM Part D will be changed from 1 January 2016 NOTICE - THE SRI LANKA MEDICAL COUNCIL WILL BE CLOSED FOR BUSINESS ON 15 APRIL 2015


The Sri Lanka Medical Council? was established by the Medical (Amendment) Act No. 40 of 1998 when the title was substituted for the Ceylon Medical Council?. The Ceylon Medical Council (CMC) was established by the Medical Council Ordinance No. 24 of 1924. The first meeting of the CMC was held on 22nd June 1925 at 3.00 p.m. in the Colombo Medical Library, chaired by the first president, Dr. N. Duncan Walker. The other members of the Council were Doctors J.S.R. Gunawardana, R. Pestonjee, E.A. Cooray, J.O.B. Van Langenburg, Lucian De Zilva, H.M. Peiris, P.J. Chissel, Frank Gunasekera and G. Thornton. At this meeting, Dr. Lucian De Zilva was elected the Vice President and Prof. F.O.B. Ellison, the Registrar. Council meetings were held in the medical library up to January 1930 when meetings were held in the Board Room of the Medical College. The clerical and secretarial work of the Council was carried out by the staff of the Medical College until an office room was provided in the administrative block of the medical faculty in 1968. An office assistant and a peon were recruited with a part-time more

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